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Top 10 Richard Lannon’s SET for Success Blog Posts According to Google for the Past Twelve Months

Top 10 Blog Posts for the last Twelve Months According to Google AnalyticsA business associate recently asked me if I knew what the most SET for Success business blogs were for the last twelve months. So I decided to take look at Google Analytics to see what blog posts you read the most this past year (August 2015 to July 31st, 2016). Interestingly this coincides with my business year end and only makes sense that I would review this now so I can give you more of what you want over the next 12 months.

If you are remotely interested in the kinds of material you are consuming click here for the results. (click a link)

Top 10 Richard Lannon’s SET for Success Blog Posts according to Google for the Past Twelve Months.

Number 10:  Ten Steps to Go from Strategic Plan to Action Roadmap

Number 09:  Eleven Steps to Being a Leader Delegator in this Crazy World

Number 08:  Seven Questions You Should Ask About Your Business

Number 07:  Five Steps You Should Take to Agree to Disagree

Number 06:  Thirteen Ways to Become a Gratitude Master

Number 05:  From Strategic Plan to Tactical Reality – Getting Things Done Through People

Number 04:  Ten Powerful Questions to Ask – Understand What Motivates People

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Number 03:  Four Steps to Align Your Organizations to its Strategic Plan

Number 02:  The 12 Rules to Successful Delegation

And the Number One blog post according to Google Analytics for the last twelve months (drum roll please) is:

Number 01:  Values and Guiding Principles the Foundation of Business Decision Making

As I read the list of the top ten posts some of them surprised me. I believe that you can gain insight into the interest of the reader and your business if you look at what information people like to consume. It will be interesting to see what I write about over the next 12 months starting in August 2016.

Thank you for your contribution to these top 10 blog post through your continued support. I hope you found the content worthwhile.

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