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11 Considerations To Help You Make Better Business Decisions

  Recently I had the opportunity to present Making Better Business Decisions at a Project Management and Business Analysis World Conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba. A topic close to my heart, since I focus on helping business leaders and professionals build business brainpower, make better business decisions and […]

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8 Steps To Making Better Business Decisions

  Decision-making errors exist within all levels of organizations. Especially when you consider the complexity of technology, work place trends and culture.  Some common challenges and examples include: Focusing on the symptoms instead of the problem Having no clear picture of the desired outcome Becoming fixated on […]

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7 Body Language Cues From A Group Of Project Managers and Business Analysts

  I was out having coffee with a group of project managers and business analysts; we were just chatting about careers and the various projects we’d worked on over the years. Then someone said, “Hey, what do you do to read people’s body language?” The statement made […]

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7 Articles on Strategic Planning, Analysis, Road-maps and Implementation Plans You should Read

 For a lot of organizations and departments, it is the strategic and implementation planning time of year. So I thought the best way to help you was to provide a list of some of my most read articles on the topic of strategic and implementation planning. Here […]

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7 Reminders from an Unlikely Place – What Makes for Great Business Analysis

 Often when I am working with clients on a strategic business analysis, planning or roadmap engagement, I look to see if they are teaming with success. I learned the importance of this from my time at working with clients across various industries. This was recently reaffirmed, not […]

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9 ‘E’ Words for Solving Business Problems and Creating Change from a CEO

 Today’s article is brought to you by the letter E. When traveling on business I make it a point to meet with business leaders and get their thoughts on a topic. I was in eastern Canada and had the opportunity to have dinner with the CEO of […]

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