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19 Financial Analysis Approaches Business Leaders, Managers, and Professionals Should Know

 It is not often that I write about numbers. Why, because some professionals find it boring and want to nod off at the mention of numbers, while others simply say, well my numbers are giving to me by someone else. Here’s the thing, you may not create […]

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11 Considerations To Help You Make Better Business Decisions

  Recently I had the opportunity to present Making Better Business Decisions at a Project Management and Business Analysis World Conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba. A topic close to my heart, since I focus on helping business leaders and professionals build business brainpower, make better business decisions and […]

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9 Focus Areas In Strategic Business Analysis for Success

  Recently I was having breakfast with a CEO of a ½ billion dollar annual revenue resource company. He was telling me how they had a strategic planning session with a former executive where they mapped out their plans for the next five years. As with most […]

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8 Steps To Making Better Business Decisions

  Decision-making errors exist within all levels of organizations. Especially when you consider the complexity of technology, work place trends and culture.  Some common challenges and examples include: Focusing on the symptoms instead of the problem Having no clear picture of the desired outcome Becoming fixated on […]

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7 Body Language Cues From A Group Of Project Managers and Business Analysts

  I was out having coffee with a group of project managers and business analysts; we were just chatting about careers and the various projects we’d worked on over the years. Then someone said, “Hey, what do you do to read people’s body language?” The statement made […]

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5 Reasons Why Developing Your Coaching Skills Is So Important For Your Career

  The ability to coach has become a requisite for all professionals. I have delivered this message many times when working with business leaders and professionals. Recently, I was speaking with a group of professionals. One of them asked what skill-set was required within business analysis. My […]

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