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S.E.T. for Success by Richard Lannon



by Richard Lannon

” … a masterpiece of wise counsel for you. This book is for anyone in pursuit of excellence in strategic planning.” Steve Gilliland, Best Selling Author, Enjoy the RideSET for Success by Richard Lannon

“This isn’t just an ‘interesting’ business book – this is a book that you’ll USE to take your business to the next level.” Joe Calloway – Author – Magnetic: The Art Of Attracting Business

“This book shows you how to become absolutely clear about your values, vision, mission, purpose and goals, and exactly what you need to do to increase your sales and profitability immediately.” Brian Tracy – Author – The Road to Wealth

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The Back Cover

In S.E.T. FOR SUCCESS: A ROADMAP TO TRANSFORM YOUR BUSINESS, veteran consultant, trainer, speaker, and entrepreneur—Richard Lannon—guides you through the strategic-planning-to-action-roadmap process. Through a combination of business stories, models, and examples, he takes you on a journey to a powerful approach for getting started on your strategic planning efforts. Through the use of his SETability Model, you will focus on key business impact zones and create a business roadmap that will enable you to:

  • Apply a systematic approach to strategic planning and implementation
  • Create a strategy map outlining key business focus areas
  • Establish key business indicators to measure success
  • Build an implementation roadmap to guide your business
  • Create an communication plan to engage people
  • Build team commitment for the things you must do

Using the S.E.T. for Success roadmap, you and your team will work together, unravel complex issues, make key business decisions, and establish a common direction. You will learn to Structure your approach, Engage your people, and Transform your business.

Richard Lannon

What the Experts are Saying

“In his book, S.E.T. for Success, … Get ready to bridge the gap from the strategic to the tactical through creation of your roadmap that enables you to forge your journey of business success. Please, read this book. Your success depends on it!” Adam Witty, Advantage Media Group, Founder and CEO

“Peter Drucker said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. S.E.T. for Success brings clarity to strategic planning by providing a roadmap on how to engage your people and culture at every step of the planning process with clear measures.” Bob Parker, CSP, Author & Facilitator, The Pit Crew Challenge: Winning Customers Through Teaming

“More than just another book on strategy, this work can help transform your business for tomorrow’s challenges. Before you engage in strategic planning, read and implement this book. You’ll be glad you did.” Terry Brock, syndicated columnist, professional speaker, marketing coach

“SET for success is a clearly written, systematic proven system for business leaders to create their own implementable plan/blueprint to guide and create a successful future. I recommend it.” Brian Lee, CSP, Founder and CEO, Custom Learning Systems Group Ltd.

“All of my success in business came from practicing models of success – that’s what you get in spades in SET for Success. Read it and succeed.” Hugh Culver, author, Give Me A Break-the art of making time work for you

“Knowing what is important in business is one thing. Being able to implement is another. In S.E.T. for Success, Richard Lannon guides you through the process…” Stephanie Staples, author, When Enlightening Strikes.

“What you are about to receive as you engage with this material is well proven, authentic and successful business practices.  I am confident this will be a great addition to our intercellular capital to build a successful business enterprise.” Ian Green, Executive Director, Proton Foundation

Richard Lannon has been in the business trenches and speaks and writes from experience. If you want your business to maximize its potential, this book is one you need to read. I wish I had read it years ago!” John Hindle, Entrepreneur, Former GM Winnipeg Goldeyes

“Lannon’s ‘SET for Success’ needs to be in every business owner’s library. Actually, it needs to be well read, studied to be understood, and applied if they want to see their teams and their enterprise succeed.” Bob ‘Idea Man’ Hooey, author ‘Legacy of Leadership’ and ‘Make ME Feel Special!’ 

available at amazon

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Also available at other Amazon locations globally. Just check Amazon for your global location.

Richard Lannon Sitting WhiteRichard Lannon: Raised in an entrepreneurial family, Richard learned to find opportunities, solve problems and implement solutions quickly. Over the course of his 28 year career he focused on strategic planning and leadership development, helping organizations find the road to their success. His cross-industry experience (technology, oil and gas, mining, utilities, transportation, health and education) has made him a proven expert, one who has worked with a big four consulting firm, top tier corporations, mid-level enterprises, and with small business leaders from around the world. Business author, strategic facilitator, speaker, coach, and cheerleader, Richard guides you to renewed hope, a bigger vision, and a realistic, actionable roadmap as the means to your business success.

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