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As a Business Strategists and Facilitator Richard works with focused intent. He guides your business leadership team through the SPAR process (strategic plan to action roadmap) so that you get a clearer picture of what it is you need to accomplish to build your successful business. All areas of the key business impact zones are considered and the ripple effects that the business leadership team has on the business. Through the strategic planning process you will feel as if you are being trained like an athlete and are prepared to take on the role of business champion. You get clear, focused and you make the key business decisions that are going to get you results. Once the road map is built you can see the way all the moving parts of the business must work together. As a leadership team we sparred and felt the results. Our directions became clear as we established our priorities and have focused on getting the things done that will bring our business to the next level.

Georg Nickel, Chief Executive Officer, Multicrete Systems Inc

Richard is a strategic facilitator who works with business leaders and their teams to establish a clear direction for their organization. With his high energy and engaging approach he helps you clearly identify your key business focus areas and to build a strategic roadmap. Emphasis is placed on making key business decisions, gaining clarity, focus and determining your direction. As a result your company knows what it needs to do to be successful.

Chad Beauchamp, MA, Dm (hons.), Vice President, Operations, Direct Focus Marketing Communications, Inc.

Richard is an enthusiastic facilitator that knows the various strategic planning processes extremely well. He delivered what he promised and gave us the flexibility to alter the course periodically when it was necessary. Richard did a nice job of customizing the flow of the process to suit our specific needs.

Cory McArthur, Vice President, Business Development at RANA Respiratory Care Group

Richard is a high energy business expert who works with organizations to understand the business issues and personalities involved to establish the key initiatives that will maximize the business value. He is an excellent facilitator and advisor.

Rod Harder, Chief Financial Officer at Grannys Poultry Cooperative Ltd.

Richard has proven to be a very creative and insightful resource for all aspects of strategic planning and executive coaching. His experience and ability in being able to distill down complicated issues enabled our management team to develop clearer goals and develop a road-map for the future.

Darcy Balance, Director of Sales & Distribution at Granny’s Poultry Cooperative Ltd.

Richard was responsible for leading the development of a new strategic plan and action roadmap for a successful company looking for a new direction and path to follow. He spent countless hours leading the senior management team in developing the strategic plan and roadmap and then countless more hours doing the roll out to the divisions of the company. He is genuine, easy to work with and knowledgeable in the areas of strategic and business planning, action roadmapping and facilitating. I would not hesitate to recommend Richard to assist your organization in accomplishing these tasks.

Cathy Gregg, Manager of Human Resources, Intelligent Hospital Systems

The session I attended was great – I definitely learned a lot about what I’m doing right and where I can make some positive changes. Your style made it interesting even if the material could get a little dry. Loved the personal anectodotes too. I really like that you have a ton of credibility and experience. You kept us laughing – and you are the Ron James of edutainment.

Karen Willsteed, Corporate Travel Contract Performance Manager, Americas at Shell Canada

Mr. Lannon is at the forefront of the energy business analysis discipline. He will no doubt shape the industry. I think you are a great presenter. You use realistic and easy to understand examples. You are clear in communication.

Tyler Dunk, Strategic Business Analyst at Cenovus Energy

It is important to feel like the instructor has the applicable ‘real world’ experience. Mr. Lannon had many excellent examples of these types of scenarios that helped the course material ‘sink in’. Richard has an engaging style that gets the group interacting and learning from one another as well as from the course material. He is very approachable and made everyone in the class feel valued and open to asking questions and giving feedback. Mr. Lannon is an excellent instructor and would be a benefit to any teaching situation.

Shelly Hill, PMP, Project Manager at Nexen

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for so enthusiastically teaching the program this week. You were able to maintain an extremely high level of energy throughout the five days of class, which I know is very difficult to do. The courses provided me a great deal of practical knowledge that I am excited to bring back to a consulting environment. I look forward to taking future courses with you.

Joseph Ng | MBA, CMA, Senior Consultant at AltaLink

Richard is an insightful speaker who can practically apply his past experience and skills in a simple yet dynamic format. This allows the recipient to associate with the topic of the session in a meaningful way.

Rob Langner, Business Optimization at Parkland Fuel Corporation

ITSM Road Map Creation: I had the pleasure of working with Richard at two different accounts (Enbridge Corporation and Enmax Corporation). He is by far the best prepared facilitator and trainer I have ever worked with, and best of all, he made it fun!

Agnes Mckain, Vice-President/Sr. Consulting Partner, Improve I.T. Services Inc.

Leadership Skills for the Technical Professional: Richard is a dynamic and engaging presenter. His grasp and enthusiasm are very apparent!

Craig Forsberg, Senior Manager, Western Canada at Wipro Technologies

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