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3 Requirement Categories to use in Strategic Planning and Business Analysis

  Recently while facilitating the strategic planning program with a company in the technology industry we had to make some decisions on how to categorize the requirements. Since the company had a lot of different types of requirements we had to revisit the definition of a requirement […]

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3 Key Levels of Risk Planning and Analysis for the Business Enterprise

 Recently I delivered a workshop on Risk Planning and Analysis for the Business Enterprise. I was asked about the various levels of risk within an organization. In response to that question, I explained that there are many levels of risk that could be organized along standard company […]

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17 Ideas to Develop Your Technology Team

 Surprisingly, I get this question a lot. Really it came down to a plan that the people could get into. The key is to recognize that tech people want tech or hard skills training and the business wants business or soft skill training. Over a 4 year […]

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A RACI Against Time

  You just never know what is going to happen in your business life. Recently I had to work like crazy to get a bunch of deadlines completed to free my schedule so I could take an unexpected trip, half way across this wonderful country of ours, […]

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Four Requirements Types That Make a Difference in Creating Solutions

  Recently I was working with a group of 25 professionals in developing their business analysis capabilities. Business Analysis as a profession has gained a lot of popularity over the last 10 years. All sorts of professionals and consultants are focusing on creating a tool kit so […]

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What Do Your Words Say About Your Business Direction?

 It’s all Good! How many times have you heard this statement and wondered what it really meant? Maybe when we hear this phrase we need to think about what it implies and whether we should probe a little further. It is a simple platitude that may or […]

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