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How Do You Plan for the Uncontrollable?

 Businesses can be impacted by many circumstances. Often these circumstances are from external forces at play that need to be understood. Recently, while working with a client we discussed a number of challenges that the company was experiencing. We talked for some time about external events that […]

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What CEOs Want 8 Essential Management Team Attributes

 Have you ever wondered what CEOs really want? What does a CEO expect from his/her organization, its senior team and the individual players? Generally it can be summed up in two words: creative alignment. CEOs want team members who are creatively aligned and able to: 1. Handle […]

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What Does Coke Sell?

 I watched a great documentary on Coke last night. Question: what does Coke sell? Response: They sell a moment of joy in the daily lives of people. I often ask my business client’s what do they sell? What business are they in? What is their package? They usually say […]

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Rolling Calendar Year

 Recently, Mark LeBlanc reminded me about the rolling twelve month cycle. He reminded me that we should forget the calendar year and stop thinking that 2010 is where it is at. Well, I can’t agree more. Looking past the regular fiscal year provides creativity and opportunity thinking. […]

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SWOT’s that You Say

 SWOT‘s that you say? One of the best ways to approach the making of strategic decisions within your business and personal environment is by the use of a SWOT. This means looking at your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Look around and simply ask what is happening […]

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