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Rolling Calendar Year

Recently, Mark LeBlanc reminded me about the rolling twelve month cycle. He reminded me that we should forget the calendar year and stop thinking that 2010 is where it is at. Well, I can’t agree more. Looking past the regular fiscal year provides creativity and opportunity thinking. What better way to start the day, every day, as if it is a new year. No time to waste. It works!

Every day is a new day, whether it is 2009 or 2010. In business it is all the same. Get the business, do the business and collect on the business. Creativity and a willingness to explore that which no one else will can provide amazing results. I learnt this from my Dad.

My Dad made money throughout the depression, several recessions and a number of difficult times in his life. Did he do it by thinking well next year will be a better year, No! To him every day was just another day that required action. He had his task list and he went and did it. No matter what else was going on. In our generation often we stop, we become stalled like a plane ready to fall out of the sky. Not knowing what to do. At 87, my Dad still going strong. One day at a time. There is a lesson in that.

Supposedly there is a recession or depression or whatever you want to call this taking place. I know a lot of people who have been layed-off or have moved to a 2 or 3 day work week. They have also pursued other things to make ends meet. So what can you do now, today, that will have a positive impact in your life?

In a society like ours there is always opportunity. Open your eyes and explore it. Embrace it. From my Dad’s perspective, “people get in their own way when all they need to do is get over themselves.” I heard that a lot as a boy. As hard as this sounds sometimes I have to agree. We all need to rethink our situations, focus on our needs, remove ourselves from our wants and push forward. We all need to think like people from my Dad’s generation and embrace our abilities, develop our brainpower and positively impact our bottom-line.

We all need a rolling calendar year where every day is the first day of our lives.

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