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Top 10 Richard Lannon’s SET for Success Blog Posts According to Google for the Past Twelve Months

 A business associate recently asked me if I knew what the most SET for Success business blogs were for the last twelve months. So I decided to take look at Google Analytics to see what blog posts you read the most this past year (August 2015 to […]

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Catapult The Organization Forward: Discover A CEO’s Thinking

 I was interviewing a CEO of a successful technology product and service company. We were discussing what made the company successful and also their challenges. He openly spoke of the way they approach business growth and their culture with an emphasis on people – both internal and […]

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Six Approaches for Selling Your Idea at Work

 There are many times that you need to be able to sell an idea at work. Now I am not talking about being a salesperson per se. But you do need to be able to speak up and present your idea in a way that is acceptable […]

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5 Common Mistakes To Avoid During The Strategic Facilitation Process: Part A

 There are times when a business analyst is asked to step up and become a strategic business analyst, effectively guiding the strategic facilitation process. Strategic facilitation is focused on the skill and art of guiding a process to solve business problems or leverage opportunities at the enterprise […]

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Eight Tips for Facilitating Your Next Planning Session or Requirements Meeting

 Recently I was asked by a client, who wanted to host their own planning session, what approaches would I suggest for their planning event. I laughed and said, be like a Scout and “Be Prepared”. They looked at me as if I was being a little strange. […]

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6 Steps for Benchmarking & Baselining Your Organization

 You cannot conduct strategic business analysis or project management without benchmarking and creating a baseline. That is a fact. I have seen times where executives and professionals skip this part of the planning process, thinking that they have all the information they need to document the current […]

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