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6 Strategic Insight Terms You Should Know to Help You Focus

 Recently I wrote about the importance of communications and having a common stakeholder language. From a strategy insight perspective this is extremely important. Definitions and a common language help keep people on track so they move things forward. Often I have to tell my stakeholders what the terms […]

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Two Questions to Ask to Go from Task to Activity Based Action and Delegation

 There are two important questions that business leaders and professionals need to ask at the tactical level in order to get things done. If you follow my writing you know that I define tactical as being about figuring out the how, who and when for anything that […]

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8 Ideas For Creating A Common Language And Communication Plan

 While visiting a Director of Enterprise Analysis at a large utilities company, we started to discuss their key challenges. They had lots, but the one we honed in on was the need for a common language and a communication plan to improve communications among stakeholders. This is […]

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Top 10 Richard Lannon’s SET for Success Blog Posts According to Google for the Past Twelve Months

 A business associate recently asked me if I knew what the most SET for Success business blogs were for the last twelve months. So I decided to take look at Google Analytics to see what blog posts you read the most this past year (August 2015 to […]

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Catapult The Organization Forward: Discover A CEO’s Thinking

 I was interviewing a CEO of a successful technology product and service company. We were discussing what made the company successful and also their challenges. He openly spoke of the way they approach business growth and their culture with an emphasis on people – both internal and […]

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Six Approaches for Selling Your Idea at Work

 There are many times that you need to be able to sell an idea at work. Now I am not talking about being a salesperson per se. But you do need to be able to speak up and present your idea in a way that is acceptable […]

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