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Staying Balanced in Our Noise-Filled World 2015

 Every year I look forward to publishing this article. It is a reminder to me that we all need to limit or manage the noise that is around us. As I chat with business leaders and people in general a common theme has been feelings of being […]

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10 Key Steps to Utilize Issue-Based Planning to Solve Business Problems

 There is a lot going on in your organization, all sorts of things that you need to wrap your head around. The challenge is that you first need to truly understand the issues and determine how to address them. This is where Issue-Based or Goal-Based strategic planning […]

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9 Known Group Characteristics Present during Facilitated Planning Sessions and Meetings

 Here’s how to identify them and what to do about them Recently I presented a breakout session on Group Dyamanics and the Characters in the Room to about 100 participants. The audience was a combination of business leaders and professionals all striving to improve their abilities to […]

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Shift Your Business Into Drive with a Balance Score Card

 To achieve a balanced business perspective consider using a Balanced Scorecard as part of your strategic planning initiative. A Balanced Scorecard is an approach that is used to align your business to the vision, mission, core values and strategy of the organization. The emphasis is to turn […]

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3 Requirement Categories to use in Strategic Planning and Business Analysis

  Recently while facilitating the strategic planning program with a company in the technology industry we had to make some decisions on how to categorize the requirements. Since the company had a lot of different types of requirements we had to revisit the definition of a requirement […]

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3 Key Levels of Risk Planning and Analysis for the Business Enterprise

 Recently I delivered a workshop on Risk Planning and Analysis for the Business Enterprise. I was asked about the various levels of risk within an organization. In response to that question, I explained that there are many levels of risk that could be organized along standard company […]

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