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5 Questions Business Analysts Should Have In Their Question Inventory

 I think it is great when people ask me questions. Often it means I get to ask questions back to gain clarity and insight into the real issue. There are many great questions you can ask, and every professional should collect and create an inventory of questions. […]

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4 Skills and Capabilities to Master for Solving Business Problems

 There are many skills that are required in the process of gathering and documenting requirements that a strategist, project manager, business analysts, or consultant need to master. Actually, if you are engaged to achieve clarity on a business problem or opportunity where you need to recommend a […]

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Strategic Plans and Transition Outcomes Must Successfully Employ Project Management to Achieve the New Norm

 Last week while speaking on Strategic Business Analysis at the Project Management and Business Analysis World conference in Toronto a Chief Strategic Officer from a company asked me a question about the transformation reality. My response was to use a diagram and explanation I wrote about in […]

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8 Common Strategic Planning Mistakes You’re Making

  While waiting at a gate for the next available airplane at an airport, I met a fellow business traveler. We started talking about business and what we did for a living. He was a COO (Chief Operations Officer). So I asked about their planning process, what […]

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5 Points to Consider in Communication Planning

 Almost every business I spend time with says they have communication issues. Usually their communication concerns are for many different reasons. There could be internal competition between divisions and leaders marking their territory, no connection between staff and management, exclusiveness and secrecy, bad leadership or bad employees, […]

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 Some time ago I wrote a blog about the five terms in the planning process that every business leader and professional should know. It was part of filling in the strategic blank and getting to know the strategic planning process. With the word strategic, and by adding the […]

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