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Strategic Planning Training – Winnipeg

S.E.T. for Success – Strategic Planning Roadmap – Workshop

Be SET for Success and create a strategic roadmap to set and achieve your business goals

  1. Has your market changed around you?SET for Success by Richard Lannon
  2. Can you improve your business development efforts?
  3. Are your business processes unclear?
  4. Do you need to invest in your tools to become more competitive?
  5. Are you considering human resource plans for your people?
  6. Do you feel stuck in your business?
  7. Does your business lack focus?
  8. Do you need to establish or re-establish direction?
  9. Are your plans implemented?

If you answered yes to more than one of these questions then you may need to develop a strategic plan to an action roadmap either for your whole business, a department or a component of your business.

Strategic Planning is a component of the business planning process that is done before tactical action is taken. To think strategically and act tactically you need to learn to apply a proven planning approach to identify your business challenges and opportunities, establish key priorities, and build a roadmap that can be implemented for your business success.

This workshop provides you training on how to build your strategic plan, an action roadmap and establish your business direction.

You will:

  • Learn a 10 step systematic approach to strategic planning and implementation
  • Analyze the VMOST important focus using the SETability model’s 4 business impact zones
  • Know the 7 Strategic Planning questions you must ask and get answered
  • Use planning tools to capture your business present and future state requirements
  • Establish the components of a strategy and implementation roadmap to guide your direction
  • Outline tactical work components with resource considerations
  • Identify communication needs to engage people to create change opportunities

You will be guided through the strategic planning process using a proven model, applying tools and techniques and a number of activities to develop and reinforce your strategic planning abilities.

Winnipeg – Location and Registration

This event is a one day workshop from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Doors open at 8:15 AM. The program will start promptly at 8:30 am.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT – Event is Sponsored by QNET in Winnipeg and will be held at their training facilities.

The event includes

  • Copy of the book S.E.T. for Success, a roadmap to transform your business by Richard Lannon
  • Session handouts
  • 30 minute post session debrief and coaching session
  • lunch and snacks
  • an opportunity to connect with other business leaders and professionals

Registration for this event

  • Limited Seating: 
  • Date: Thursday, June 15th, 2015
  • Time: 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
  • Location: Moved to QNET offices

Registration at QNET 

Benefits to Strategic Planning

There are many benefits with any strategic planning approach that a business leader must consider. This often means selecting the best framework and involving key stakeholders to be engaged in the planning process.

Working together, as a team, clarity of vision and purpose should be established: mission, vision, core values and guiding principles are part of that process. Linking to these items allows your people to establish realistic goals and objectives that are consistent with the business requirements and organization’s needs.

This connection helps business leaders and their teams to identify strategic and tactical plans that need to be carried out in a defined time frame within the organization’s capacity. The key is to build a strategy map and road map that can be implemented. This requires the thoughtful integration of leading and lagging performance indicators that act as milestones so you know if you are on track. As you move forward, work and communications plans must be established in order to enable the organization’s plans. These plans help you know where it is you want to go and establish your approach to get there.

These are the things that create value for the business leader when it comes to strategic planning. It is part of the S.E.T. Approach where business leaders and their teams formulate and prepare their strategic direction.

Consider Attending

This Strategic Planning program is perfect for the business leaders, your teams, professionals, project managers, business analysts and consultants, who need to develop their strategic planning thinking and abilities, have tools to use, learn to focus on strategic agendas and initiatives, develop key work elements and establish actionable plans that can be implemented.

Here is what clients say about Richard

Georg Nickel, Chief Executive Officer, Multicrete Systems Inc

As a Business Strategists and Facilitator Richard works with focused intent. He guides your business through the strategic plan to action roadmap process so that you get a clear picture of what it is you need to accomplish to build your successful business. You get clear, focused and you make the key business decisions that are going to get you results to bring our business to the next level.

Chad Beauchamp, Vice President, Operations, Direct Focus Marketing Communications, Inc.

Richard is a strategic facilitator who works with business leaders and their teams to establish a clear direction for their organization. With his high energy and engaging approach he helps you clearly identify your key business focus areas and to build a strategic roadmap. Emphasis is placed on making key business decisions, getting clear and determining your direction. As a result your company knows what it needs to do to be successful.

Cory McArthur, President at RANA Respiratory Care Group

Richard is an enthusiastic facilitator that knows the various strategic planning processes extremely well. He delivered what he promised and gave us the flexibility to alter the course periodically when it was necessary. Richard did a nice job of customizing the flow of the process to suit our specific needs.

Rod Harder, Chief Financial Officer at Grannys Poultry Cooperative Ltd.

Richard is a high energy business expert who works with organizations to understand the business issues and personalities involved to establish the key initiatives that will maximize the business value. He is an excellent facilitator and advisor.

Shelley Hill, Nexix Corporation

It is important to feel like the speaker and facilitator has the applicable ‘real world’ experience. Mr. Lannon had many excellent examples of business scenarios that helped the approach ‘sink in’. Richard has an engaging style that gets the group interacting and learning from one another as well as from the material. He is very approachable and made everyone feel valued and open to asking questions and giving feedback. Mr. Lannon is an excellent speaker/facilitator and would be a benefit to any organization.

Principles and Models

The principles and models in this presentation have been built based on Richard Lannon’s 28 years experience as a business leader, strategic facilitator, respected business trainer, advisor and consultant. His book, S.E.T. for Success, a roadmap to transform your business, provides a guide from strategic to action plan. Using stories, models, and examples, the participants takes a powerful journey kick starting their strategic planning, roadmap and implementation efforts.

If you require any additional information or have questions, please connect with Richard at 204-899-2808 or email to BraveWorld.

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