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Top 10 Richard Lannon’s SET for Success Blog Posts According to Google for the Past Twelve Months

 A business associate recently asked me if I knew what the most SET for Success business blogs were for the last twelve months. So I decided to take look at Google Analytics to see what blog posts you read the most this past year (August 2015 to […]

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Six Approaches for Selling Your Idea at Work

 There are many times that you need to be able to sell an idea at work. Now I am not talking about being a salesperson per se. But you do need to be able to speak up and present your idea in a way that is acceptable […]

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5 Common Mistakes To Avoid During The Strategic Facilitation Process: Part A

 There are times when a business analyst is asked to step up and become a strategic business analyst, effectively guiding the strategic facilitation process. Strategic facilitation is focused on the skill and art of guiding a process to solve business problems or leverage opportunities at the enterprise […]

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Eight Tips for Facilitating Your Next Planning Session or Requirements Meeting

 Recently I was asked by a client, who wanted to host their own planning session, what approaches would I suggest for their planning event. I laughed and said, be like a Scout and “Be Prepared”. They looked at me as if I was being a little strange. […]

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6 Steps for Benchmarking & Baselining Your Organization

 You cannot conduct strategic business analysis or project management without benchmarking and creating a baseline. That is a fact. I have seen times where executives and professionals skip this part of the planning process, thinking that they have all the information they need to document the current […]

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20 Leadership Dadisms to Use in Your Business, Career and Life

 Some years ago I wrote an article about learning leaderships skills from my Dad when it came to my business, career and life. As we approach father’s day I find myself compelled to share the content of that article again. I think mostly because it tells part […]

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