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What Does Coke Sell?

I watched a great documentary on Coke last night. Question: what does Coke sell? Response: They sell a moment of joy in the daily lives of people.

I often ask my business client’s what do they sell? What business are they in? What is their package? They usually say the product they sell. For examples I sell doors or computers or whatever it is. The challenge in business is to understand exactly what you sell. This is not always easy.

The world around us has changed. As consumers we have a lot of choices. Just go to the drink section at your local superstore and check it out.

Coke got this point nailed down. That is why they stay true to their original brand and invested heavily in diversification, future product development and seeking the next big thing.

Like any business they have challenges. Even with this they stay true to the fact they sell a moment of joy in the daily lives of people.

Do you know what you sell?

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