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Five Steps for Innovation in Strategic Planning and Your Business

 I was doing some research on innovation and was surprised to find that a lot of what I write and talk on follows the steps of innovative strategic thinking. I have come to realize that sometimes we might get caught up in the need to find innovation […]

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5 Steps You Could Take to Agree to Disagree

 I was facilitating a discussion with a team of senior people in a transportation company. The challenge I heard they were having is that they were not communicating, ideas were not being shared or going nowhere. The problem as stated came from the VP of Operations and […]

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5 Steps You Should Take to Say No and Be Better in Your Business

 Saying no is not a bad thing. Yet saying no doesn’t come easy for most people. No is actually something you should learn how say and use in business. No forces you to focus on what is important. If you don’t say no you end up with way […]

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5 Terms in the Strategic Planning Process – Filling in the Strategic < blank >

 I have been thinking and discussing the word strategic with a lot of people. More importantly posing an interesting question, what does it mean to be strategic? The word strategic in the context of the question asked is an adjective generally “relating to the identification of long-term or overall aims […]

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3 Steps You Can Take Before You Take Action

 Some years ago during an economic adjustment I wrote an article about the importance of being clear on the steps you need to take to figure out what to do next, to solve business problems and find opportunities. I think it is especially important to look at those […]

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Shift Your Business Into Drive with a Balance Score Card

 To achieve a balanced business perspective consider using a Balanced Scorecard as part of your strategic planning initiative. A Balanced Scorecard is an approach that is used to align your business to the vision, mission, core values and strategy of the organization. The emphasis is to turn […]

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