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10 Winning Combinations to Help You S.E.T. and Achieve Your Business Goals (lessons learned)

 Recently, I did a presentation called S.E.T. for Success, a winning combination to help you SET and achieve your business goals for a group of executives. The presentation was a training and facilitation overview of a planning approach, a model with key business impact zones and the […]

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Principles for Leading Change and Transition Management – Part B

 In December 2015 I provided Part A, an article on the five principles of leading change and transition management. At the time I referenced the importance of people and culture in your strategic planning efforts. As an important business impact zone it is important that we understand […]

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Planning a New Year – Strategic Planning and an Action Roadmap

 It is hard to believe that 2015 is almost completed. Like everyone else I wonder where the time went, reflect on challenges and accomplishments and make plans for a great 2016. Planning without a process, the tools, a strategic facilitator and a common approach is not always […]

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5 Ways to have Strategic Conversations and Connect with People over the Holidays

 I am always interested in how leaders connect with people when it comes to strategic planning and leadership conversations. I intentionally place strategic planning here as it is at the heart of my work with the SET-Ability model and working within the key business impact zones that are […]

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Principles for Leading Change and Transition Management – Part A

 In my book S.E.T. for Success: a roadmap to transform your business, I talk about a common element on the strategic agenda of the organization. It often concerns the investment you plan to make in your people and the culture of the organization as a whole. This […]

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Does Your Business Follow an Efficient Self-Organizing System for Planning?

 There are many different planning approaches. I am always interested when planning approaches seek to closely align culture and business. A somewhat socio-economic approach appears that we can’t ignore when we consider our internal and external stakeholders. Life and business never forge ahead in a straight line. They […]

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