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Principles for Leading Change and Transition Management – Part A

 In my book S.E.T. for Success: a roadmap to transform your business, I talk about a common element on the strategic agenda of the organization. It often concerns the investment you plan to make in your people and the culture of the organization as a whole. This […]

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Does Your Business Follow an Efficient Self-Organizing System for Planning?

 There are many different planning approaches. I am always interested when planning approaches seek to closely align culture and business. A somewhat socio-economic approach appears that we can’t ignore when we consider our internal and external stakeholders. Life and business never forge ahead in a straight line. They […]

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10 Powerful Questions to Ask to Understand What Motivates People?

  What motivates teams and people. This is a question I am often asked by consultants, business analysts, project managers, team managers and business leaders (usually as they shake their head)? If you are one of these people or fall into a similar category, this is a […]

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11 Steps to Being a Leader-Delegator in this Crazy World

 Recently I spoke at a Project Management Institute event on “Time Management and Productivity through Delegation”. We could have called the speech; Being a Leader-Delegator in this Crazy World. I think that is what is being asked of professionals anyway. During the presentation I clearly stated that […]

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7 Ways to Show Remembrance Leadership in Your Business

 I think in this society remembrance should be part of business leadership. We live in one of the top free, socio-economic, political and capitalist society in the world with a balance of social conscience and the aspiration to improve. A society gifted by the brave men and women […]

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The 12 Rules of Successful Delegation

 Delegation is one of the most important managerial skills. Delegation saves time and money, builds people and team skills, grooms successors and motivates teams. Poor delegation sucks! Ask any employee. It causes frustration, de-motivates and confuses people and teams. To be successful, business leaders, managers and executives […]

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