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19 Financial Analysis Approaches Business Leaders, Managers, and Professionals Should Know

 It is not often that I write about numbers. Why, because some professionals find it boring and want to nod off at the mention of numbers, while others simply say, well my numbers are giving to me by someone else. Here’s the thing, you may not create […]

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9 Focus Areas In Strategic Business Analysis for Success

  Recently I was having breakfast with a CEO of a ½ billion dollar annual revenue resource company. He was telling me how they had a strategic planning session with a former executive where they mapped out their plans for the next five years. As with most […]

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6 Strategic Insight Terms You Should Know to Help You Focus

 Recently I wrote about the importance of communications and having a common stakeholder language. From a strategy insight perspective this is extremely important. Definitions and a common language help keep people on track so they move things forward. Often I have to tell my stakeholders what the terms […]

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5 Common Mistakes To Avoid During The Strategic Facilitation Process: Part A

 There are times when a business analyst is asked to step up and become a strategic business analyst, effectively guiding the strategic facilitation process. Strategic facilitation is focused on the skill and art of guiding a process to solve business problems or leverage opportunities at the enterprise […]

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Use What If Questions to Create Innovation in Your Business

 While visiting a few friends at a cool retro music shop I found an original 1985 vinyl version of the Back to the Future sound track. It brought us all fond memories of being back in that day where we could all state what we were doing […]

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5 Steps You Should Take to Say No and Be Better in Your Business

 Saying no is not a bad thing. Yet saying no doesn’t come easy for most people. No is actually something you should learn how say and use in business. No forces you to focus on what is important. If you don’t say no you end up with way […]

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