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7 Common Challenges Faced By You, The Facilitator

 We all make meeting facilitation mistakes. I know I have made a few. Sometimes you can recover and other times you cannot. I know that when I make a mistake in a facilitation session, I feel really bad for days. It impacts me personally. There are several […]

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6 Things to Consider when Connecting with People at Meetings, Workshops, Presentations and Group Activities

 Recently, I presented one of my most popular keynotes, People and Group Dynamics – the Characters in the Room Part A, to a large group of Business Analysts and Project Managers. The room was packed. I was pumped, excited and into working with the crowd. I was […]

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An Approach to Help you Create a Vision and Mission for your Organization

 Recently I was reminded of the importance of having a Vision and Mission statement for your organization. Especially when it comes to planning the future of your company in some we call a strategic plan. In my book (SET for Success: a roadmap to transform your business), […]

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11 Steps To Strategic Analysis, Planning And Implementation Success

 Strategic analysis, planning, and management involves the formulation and implementation of the major goals and initiatives taken by a company’s top management on behalf of the organization. It is based on consideration of resources and an assessment of the internal and external environments in which the organization competes. To […]

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3 Careers that are the Execution Heroes of the Strategic Business World

 Recently, in a conversation with an executive from the resource industry, I was told strategy was a bad word, just like the word transformation. There was now an underpinning feeling if the company had not transformed yet, it never would. I found that interesting, as transformation in […]

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3 Common Challenges Business Leaders and Their Team Experience

 It is all about Peaks, Valleys and Detours I am privileged to be able to meet with business leaders, their teams and professionals. I regularly hear about the peaks, valleys and detours (otherwise known as the good, the bad and the unexpected) that take place on the […]

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