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Setability, more than a technical term!

 I was listening to a podcast by Scott the Nametag Guy about the importance of owning a word. His thinking is that everyone should own a word. As I listened to his presentation he asked his audience what word do they own? Slowly people started to say […]

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3 Steps for You to become Set for Success in Your Business

 There are many approaches to strategic planning for any business. I use the S.E.T. approach to lay the groundwork for working with clients on their planning needs. It is the key to a larger business puzzle and the way things linked together. The 3 step S.E.T. approach […]

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22 Tools and Techniques You Need to Know to “Be Prepared” for Your Next Planning Session

 When I was asked by a client to observe their business planning session I was reminded how important it is for the facilitator to be prepared. People are tired of attending business meetings and planning sessions that lack purpose, focus and provide value. Your stakeholders deserve to […]

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3 Things You Must Do in Business Before You Cross the Street

 Look both ways before you cross the street; use your eyes, use your ears and then use your feet. Do you remember that saying from grade school? It often amazes me that what we learned as children applies to our adult lives and in business. In business […]

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7 Tips to Meet Challenge with Confidence

 The business world is a demanding one. In times of uncertainty it is essential to be clear, stay focused and commit. As a business leader and professional, you must be able to: understand and develop our best resource, people; extract the right information; comprehend numbers; facilitate, negotiate […]

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9 Steps to get Teams Going in the Same Direction

 Creating an implementation culture is all about getting things done through people. In order to do that, you need to know where it is you want to go. This could mean taking a structured approach. A structured approach requires that you and your team work through the […]

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