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11 Tips from Peak Olympic Athletes on What to Do to Be a Champion

 I had the privilege to do a facilitated discussion with a group of athletes recently. They were young, focused and dedicated. We were chatting about what it took to be successful as an athlete and how that carried over into everyday life. Some said they were planning and […]

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7 Steps to Kick-Start Your Strategic Planning Process

 It is important to note that strategic planning is an exercise in gathering and documenting requirements about the past, present, and future of your business. It helps determine where you want to go over the next few years, how you are going to get there and how […]

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Mining Industry Uncertainty – What Does a Mining Service Company Do?

 Canada has a diverse economy. We enjoy the fruits of that diversity with opportunities in all business sectors; agriculture, oil and gas, forestry and mining, to name a few. Recently, I had to opportunity to interview Georg Nickel, CEO of Multicrete Systems about the Mining Industry in […]

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Staying Balanced in Our Noise-Filled World 2015

 Every year I look forward to publishing this article. It is a reminder to me that we all need to limit or manage the noise that is around us. As I chat with business leaders and people in general a common theme has been feelings of being […]

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10 Key Steps to Utilize Issue-Based Planning to Solve Business Problems

 There is a lot going on in your organization, all sorts of things that you need to wrap your head around. The challenge is that you first need to truly understand the issues and determine how to address them. This is where Issue-Based or Goal-Based strategic planning […]

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9 Known Group Characteristics Present during Facilitated Planning Sessions and Meetings

 Here’s how to identify them and what to do about them Recently I presented a breakout session on Group Dyamanics and the Characters in the Room to about 100 participants. The audience was a combination of business leaders and professionals all striving to improve their abilities to […]

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