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Three Critical Business Skills Learned from Navigating a Pump Track

 Recently while mountain biking we came across a pump track; a continuous circuit of small dirt hills and jumps that loops back on itself, allowing you to ride it continuously. A couple of teenagers took the time to explain how to use it and teach us a […]

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Three Points to Make it Happen

 Can you make it happen? That is a question that every one should ask and answer yes! We all can. Recently when working with a client we had to do that. The teams became stalled due to a business announcement around cost cutting. Suddenly the teams did […]

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Four Points to Consider in Stakeholder Based Approach for Your Planning Efforts

  The success of every initiative realizes on good stakeholder management. It is all about engaging the right people to make a difference in your business success. The more people you connect with, more influencers you engage, the greater positive or negative impact you will have. It […]

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Bridge the Gap Between the Strategic to the Tactical

 For your strategic planning efforts consider your approach to bridging the gap between the strategic and the tactical. Often companies will embark on their strategic planning efforts and not take it to the next level. That is the tactical level. There is a lesson learned here as […]

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2 Measurement Indicators You Should Know – Leading and Lagging

 In strategic planning, it is important to discuss key performance indicators (KPI). Key business indicators are a type of measurement. They are essential for business leaders to understand what is happening in their business. The first step to determining your KPI is to understand the difference between lagging and leading indicators. The second […]

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How Do You Plan for the Uncontrollable?

 Businesses can be impacted by many circumstances. Often these circumstances are from external forces at play that need to be understood. Recently, while working with a client we discussed a number of challenges that the company was experiencing. We talked for some time about external events that […]

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