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7 Body Language Cues From A Group Of Project Managers and Business Analysts

  I was out having coffee with a group of project managers and business analysts; we were just chatting about careers and the various projects we’d worked on over the years. Then someone said, “Hey, what do you do to read people’s body language?” The statement made […]

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5 Reasons Why Developing Your Coaching Skills Is So Important For Your Career

  The ability to coach has become a requisite for all professionals. I have delivered this message many times when working with business leaders and professionals. Recently, I was speaking with a group of professionals. One of them asked what skill-set was required within business analysis. My […]

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7 Articles on Strategic Planning, Analysis, Road-maps and Implementation Plans You should Read

 For a lot of organizations and departments, it is the strategic and implementation planning time of year. So I thought the best way to help you was to provide a list of some of my most read articles on the topic of strategic and implementation planning. Here […]

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Roles, Responsibilities and Skills – Business Leaders and Professionals meet Business Analysis

  It still amazes me, after 14 years of speaking, teaching and writing about Business Analysis I still get this question: “What is the difference between a Business Analyst and a Project Manager?” I was teaching a Fundamentals of Business Analysis program for Project Managers when this […]

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7 Challenges Artificial Intelligence Brings to your Business and Career

 I was reading the blog of a well-known and established management consultant who recommended that, in order to perform better we have to learn faster. This was in relations to BI (business intelligence) and AI (artificial intelligence) and what professionals need to do to survive the advent […]

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Seven Approaches to Help You with Outside Networking this Summer

 Spring and summer is in the air and like most Canadians I can’t wait to spend time outdoors. I suspect you feel the same way. After living indoors all winter you are dreaming of those warm balmy summer days with the ever slight breeze, big blue open […]

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