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Eight Tips for Facilitating Your Next Planning Session or Requirements Meeting

The best teachers teachfrom the heart.

 Recently I was asked by a client, who wanted to host their own planning session, what approaches would I suggest for their planning event. I laughed and said, be like a Scout and “Be Prepared”. They looked at me as if I was being a little strange. […]

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6 Steps for Benchmarking & Baselining Your Organization

Six Steps Benchmarking

 You cannot conduct strategic business analysis or project management without benchmarking and creating a baseline. That is a fact. I have seen times where executives and professionals skip this part of the planning process, thinking that they have all the information they need to document the current […]

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20 Leadership Dadisms to Use in Your Business, Career and Life

20 Leadership Dadisms for Upcoming Father's Day that maybe you can use.

 Some years ago I wrote an article about learning leaderships skills from my Dad when it came to my business, career and life. As we approach father’s day I find myself compelled to share the content of that article again. I think mostly because it tells part […]

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5 Questions Business Analysts Should Have In Their Question Inventory

5 BA Questions

 I think it is great when people ask me questions. Often it means I get to ask questions back to gain clarity and insight into the real issue. There are many great questions you can ask, and every professional should collect and create an inventory of questions. […]

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4 Skills and Capabilities to Master for Solving Business Problems

Four Skills to Master

 There are many skills that are required in the process of gathering and documenting requirements that a strategist, project manager, business analysts, or consultant need to master. Actually, if you are engaged to achieve clarity on a business problem or opportunity where you need to recommend a […]

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8 Tools & Techniques To Apply To Strategic Analysis & Planning

8 Tools & Techniques To Apply To Strategic Analysis & Planning (3)

 There are many definitions, tools, and techniques that can be applied to strategy analysis. If you do an internet search you will find all sorts of options available. The challenge is selecting the best approach, tools, and techniques to use given the business problem or opportunity. Another […]

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